in relation to a heritage item or heritage setting, means regular and ongoing protective care of the item or setting to prevent deterioration and to retain its heritage value. It includes the following, where there is no permanent damage or loss of heritage fabric:
  1. cleaning, washing or repainting exterior or interior fabric using a method which does not damage the surface of the heritage fabric;
  2. reinstating existing exterior or interior surface treatments;
  3. temporary erection of freestanding scaffolding;
  4. laying underground services and relaying paved surfaces to the same footprint;
  5. upkeep of gardens, including pruning of trees, pruning or removal of shrubs and planting of new trees or shrubs (except planting within, or adjoining, plots within cemeteries); and
  6. in relation to crematoria and cemeteries, maintenance also includes:
    1. protective care and routine works to enable their ordinary functioning, such as temporary and reversible modifications or additions to buildings;
    2. installation of plaques;
    3. restoration, repair and reinstatement of monuments; and
    4. disturbance of soil for burials and interment of ashes.