Heritage fabric

in relation to Sub-chapter 9.3 Historic Heritage of Chapter 9 Natural and Cultural Heritage, means any physical aspect of a heritage item or heritage setting which contributes to its heritage values. In the case of the interior of a heritage item, it includes only that heritage fabric which is in Appendix Schedule of significant historic heritage for that heritage item. Heritage fabric includes:
  1. original and later material and detailing which forms part of, or is attached to, the interior or exterior of a building, structure or feature;
  2. the patina of age resulting from the weathering and wear of construction material over time;
  3. fixtures and fittings that form part of the design or significance of a heritage item, but excludes inbuilt museum and artwork exhibitions and displays; and
  4. for open space heritage items, built or non­built elements independent of buildings, structures or features, such as historic paths, paving and garden layout.
Heritage fabric excludes fabric certified in accordance with Appendix Certification of non-heritage fabric.