means as the context requires:
  1. any structure or part of a structure, whether permanent, moveable or immoveable; and/or
  2. any erection, reconstruction, placement, alteration or demolition of any structure or part of any structure within, on, under or over the land; and
  3. any vehicle, trailer, tent, marquee, shipping container, caravan or boat, whether fixed or moveable, used on-site as a residential unit or place of business or storage; but
  1. any scaffolding or falsework erected temporarily for maintenance or construction purposes;
  2. fences or walls that have no structural function other than as a fence or wall for boundary demarcation, privacy or windbreak purposes, of up to 2 metres in heightÍž
  3. retaining walls which are both less than 6m2 in area and less than 1.8 metres in height;
  4. structures which are both less than 6m2 in area and less than 1.8 metres in height;
  5. utility cabinets;
  6. masts, poles, radio and telephone aerials less than 6 metres above mean ground level;
  7. any public artwork located in that part of the city contained within Bealey, Fitzgerald, Moorhouse, Deans and Harper Avenues;
  8. artificial crop protection structures and crop support structures; and
in the case of Banks Peninsula only, excludes:
  1. any dam that retains not more than 3 metres depth, and not more than 20,000 m3 volume of water, and any stopbank or culvert;
  2. any tank or pool (excluding a swimming pool as defined in Section 2 of the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987) and any structural support thereof, including any tank or pool that is part of any other building for which building consent is required:
    1. not exceeding 25,000 litres capacity and supported directly by the ground; or
    2. not exceeding 2,000 litres capacity and supported not more than 2 metres above the supporting ground; and
  3. stockyards up to 1.8 metres in height.

 Advice note:
  1. This definition of building is different from the definition of building provided in Sections 8 and 9 of the Building Act 2004, and the effect of this definition is different from the effect of Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004 in that some structures that do not require a building consent under the Building Act 2004 may still be required to comply with the provisions of the District Plan.