Alteration of a heritage item

in relation to Sub-chapter 9.3 Historic Heritage of Chapter 9 Natural and Cultural Heritage, means any modification or addition to a heritage item, which impacts on heritage fabric.
Alteration of a heritage item includes:
  1. permanent modification of, addition to, or permanent removal of, exterior or interior heritage fabric which is not decayed or damaged and includes partial demolition of a heritage item;
  2. changes to the existing surface finish and/or materials; and
  3. permanent addition of fabric to the exterior or interior.
In relation to a building, structure or feature which forms part of an open space heritage item, alteration includes:
  1. modifications or additions to buildings, structures or features;
  2. permanent modification or addition to garden or landscaping layout, paths, paving, circulation or on­-site access, walkways or cycle ways;
  3. earthworks which change the profile of the landform (other than earthworks approved by subdivision consent);
  4. removal or transplanting of mature trees unless the tree is dead;
  5. in relation to cemeteries, new planting on, or immediately adjoining, plots; and
  6. new buildings, structures or features.
Alteration of a heritage item excludes:
  1. maintenance;
  2. repairs;
  3. restoration;
  4. heritage upgrade works;
  5. heritage investigative and temporary works; and
  6. reconstruction of new or replacement headstones, plaques or panels in church graveyards and cemeteries other than closed cemeteries.